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    One of the interesting topics of Big Data is what an organization will do with it. That topic is nicely handled in Ethics of Big Data by Kord Davis (@KordIndex) and Doug Patterson (@dep923).

    O’Reilly Press has come to us with some great content with this book. There is a very careful balance with the use, management and protection of Big Data which is quickly moving to the fore in a lot of companies.

    The audience is wide for this book, and the writing is well paced with some great examples given. It is a great framework for understanding the impact of Big Data, privacy, ethics and how to build a plan to define your organization’s use of it.

    I would definitely recommend this for business analysts, IT management and anyone in the consulting side because it provides a great high-level view. While we may not be directly involved in this type of data handling at the moment, it is a key skill to understand the potential impact.



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